Name: M. Norey Agudelo H. de Mejia "Noriam" ( Visual artist.)
Active since 1975 to Present.
Origen: Colombia South America.
Citizenship: Colombian and American.
Residency: USA.
Art Instructor for The Child Center Study - Yale School Of Medicine. New Haven,CT
Art Instructor at British Columbian Highschool, Cali, Colombia.
Art Instructor at Alfredo Vasquez Cobo Highschool, Cali, Colombia.

In 1980, I founded The Primimodernismo (El Primimodernismo ), as a new trend in contemporary art. This trend manifests an eclectic character and holisticallly expresses the historical origin of the visual arts and its subsequent development in its vast trajectory to the present day.

This trend of visual arts is the result of meticulous research that supports this innovation. Its profound and infinite expression, as subjective, tangible and aesthetic, works by means of bi-dimensional and tri-dimensional images, and specifically stimulates the freedom of human sentiment. It combines work, artist, and spectator, inducing the viewer into the mysterious and deep space of the visual arts.

The main characteristics of The Primimodernismo are manifested in an ostensible way because it defines a significant difference from other art trends that have emerged over time. Similarly, this trend is the synthesis of the visual arts from their origins, including Primitive, Classical, and Pre-Columbian, as they progress to Modernist and contemporary art. The Primimodernismo conveys all trends in a single scenario and expression, and therefore differs from all other trends by its unique character which draws human sentiment from the core of the subjectivism and Infinitude of the human mind. Most of my art shows human figures with deformed faces or bodies, but also shows the purity of classicism combined with features of modern art.

The Primimodernismo has been exhibited widely throughout the world and has brought many citations, awards, and recognitions. One of these was the presentation of The Primimodernismo before the United Nations in New York, NY some years ago, which brought enthusiastic comments from the ambassadors of many countries who recognized the importance of this new trend and how it symbolizes the fine and pure representation of the Human Values that need to be preserved.

Relevant features of the Primimodernismo.

• Restitution of the origin of visual arts, represented in pre-Columbian expressions and later primitive manifestations.
• The fusion of primitive expressions with the main trends in art to be presented in a single expression.
• The fusion of pragmatism and the hypothesis of Human Values extracted and condensed from their origins to the present, both in its tangible, subjective and aesthetic content. This is the reason that The Primimodernismo is differentiated from other historical trends in art and from contemporary art.


1. To introduce the Primimodernismo into new generations which represent the links between the origin of visual art and the new contemporary world.
2. To restore Human Values as the fundamental base of the individual within human society without the discrimination of race, nationality, politics, religion, or social class, as among other factors.
3. To restore the peace and social coexistence of the individual in the present, and for future generations.
4. To induce teachers, artists and the general public to preserve interest in Art research based on the Primimodernismo art trend.

This is the transcendental proposal that I wish to disseminate at national and international levels, so that its invaluable content will be used as a bridge of connection between the past and the present. For this reason, I invite all government agencies, directors of museums, galleries, cultural entities, artists and teachers, among others at national and international levels, to participate, so that together we can unite our dignified efforts in The Primimodernismo, and induce the general public to endure the Intrinsic Values of human society in order to achieve a positive and enhanced social coexistence.

( most relevants between others )

2020 - Dubai Prints Festival - Alliance Francaise Dubai - United Arab Emirates March 08 -14
2020 - Museum of The Americas - Women Art Exhibit - Texas - April 15-30

2019 JF GALLERY / Competition / West Palm Beach / May 11.
2019 WOMEN IN ARTS EXHIBIT – Impulse Art / Museum of the Americas- Texas.
April 19- May 20th
2019 Artist of the Year Award / CFA Artist of the Year / Circle foundation for the arts.
2018 Art Exhibit at Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Oct 18-28 / Held by The Museum of the Americas.
2018 “Open 2018” Call to Artists/or a Group Exhibit and Grant Opportunity at Gallery 25N” September 10.
2018 Art / “Flowers Plants and Gardens 2018”
2018 Spectrum Miami Art Fair – Selected Finalist Artist List. 07-29-2018.
2018 Art Exhibit at Dubai & Abu Dhabi. / Held by The Museum of the Americas. Oct 18-28
2017 Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary Art Competition 04-28
2017 ArtRooms – London 2018 (International competition)
2017 Art Exhibit at Alliance Francoise in DUBAI- EMIRATOS ARABES.
2017 Connecticut Hospice Art Gallery – Branford, CT. December 16.
2016 Museum of the Americas. “Perspective 2016” USA.
2016 Museum of the Americas. “Summer Exhibit, 25th Anniversary. USA.
2016 Bergamo Italia Museum of the Americas. Mural for the Peace / Italy.
2015 “Face of Humanity” Competition at: Art New York. USA.
2015 “Dreams” Art Competition/ New York. USA.
2015 Gallery Art Space” Art Work At City Wide Open Studios, New Haven,CT USA.
2015 Museum of the Americas. Woman in the Arts. USA.
2014 Museum of the Americas. International Traveling Exhibition. Miami (Florida) USA.
2014 Viena Travel Gallery -Austria Museum of the Americas. International Traveling Exhibition
2013 Bergamo -Italy- “Art in Centro” Museum of the Americas International Traveling Exhibition.
2013 Dolus Le Sec France- Castillo del’ Epinay . Museum of the Americas International Traveling Exhibition .
2013 Museum of the Americas. International Traveling Exhibition- Barcelona (Spain) Metges Col. legi of Barcelona
(College of Physicians of Barcelona)

2013 Delft (Netherlands) Holanda. Gallery Kunst an de Kade. Museum of the Americas. International Traveling exhibition
2013 Museum of the Americas. “Woman in the Arts” USA.
2013 SEPTEMBER 2013 FEBRERO 2014 EXPOSICION ITINERANTE – EUROPA – USA. Colegio de Medicos de Barcelona September, / France / DELFT (Netherlands ), BERGAMO ( Italy), VIENA ( Austria ), and MIAMI ( Usa ) 2014.

2012 Vienna Traveling Gallery – Austria.October 18-Nov 05 – FIRST MENTION AWARD!newsfrom-noriam-2012

2012 Apeiron Art Gallery Plus 2012 - Istanbul, Turkey. May 4 to 25.

2012 Vienna Traveling Gallery – Austria, October 18 - Nov 05
2012 Apeiron Art Plus – Istanbul, Turkey. May 4-25.
2012 Solo Art Exhibit Club of Executives Cali- Colombia S.A.– March 1- April 08.
2012 Vienna Traveling Gallery – Austria.October 18-Nov 05 – FIRST MENTION AWARD!newsfrom-noriam-2012

2012 Apeiron Art Gallery Plus 2012 - Istanbul, Turkey. May 4 to 25.

2012 Vienna Traveling Gallery – Austria, October 18 - Nov 05
2012 Galeria Apeiron Art Plus – Estambul, Turq. Mayo 4-25.
2012 Solo Art Exhibit Club of Executives – March 1- April 08.
2011 Permanent Art Exhibit at Private Gallery in Cali, Colombia.
2010 Solo Art Exhibit “Celebration of the 30th anniversary of The Primimodernismo” Jorge
Garces State Library of Valle del Cauca – Oct. 6 – 26. Cali - Colombia.
2010 Art Exhibit University of Salamanca. spain. Painting: “El Quixote 400 años.”
2008 Art Exhibit The Rich Forum Sept- Oct . Stamford, Ct.USA
Principal invited visual artista artista to Celebrate 48th anniversary of The Primimodernismo..
2008 Art Exhibit“ The Peace and its transcendece ”- International Immigrants Foundation .Abril 14 New York, NY.
2007 Solo Art exhibit at Art Inc. New Haven, CT Hispanic Celebration Oct.
2007 Art Exhibit at Pfizer Art Program- Hispanic Cellebration - New London and Groton, Connecticut - October 3 2007..
2007 The New Haven Free Public Library – Art Gallery. New Haven, Ct July 30 – August 31.
2006 Art Exhibit at the Palace Theater Center for The Arts-Stamford
2006 Art Exhibit at Diageo Art Gallery, Stamford, Connecticut Sep-Oct.
2006 Rich Forum Art Gallery – Stamford Center for the Arts.
2006 ARTSPACE – New Haven, CT. Collective
2006 City Wide Open Studio in New Haven October 15.
2006 Art Exhibit: “The victory of the children” at Yale School of Medicine- Art Therapy en New Haven,CT.
2005 Biannual Regional Wide Open Studios- ARTSPACE- New Haven.
2005 Arte organization – Art Gallery – New Haven,CT Julio 01-30
2005 Art Exhibit of “ El Quijote 400 Años “ at the Southern Connecticut State University,CT USA.
2005 Webster Bank – New Haven, CT March 1 – 30 25th anniversary of The Primimodernismo.
2005 Mino Japan – Art exhibit
2004 Art exhibit at the Columbian Civic Center, New York, NY.
2004 Art exhibit at ARTSPACE, Open Studios, New Haven, CT.
2004 Solo Art Exhibit at Picture That – Gallery, Stamford, CT
2004 Art Exhibit at Cedant Mobility – Gallery Hall- Danbury, CT.
2003 Art Exhibit at Milford For The Arts, Milford, CT. October 04-31.
2003 Art Exhibit and Conference of The Primimodernismo at Saint Rita High School, 1601 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT.
2003 The York Square Gallery, New Haven, CT.
2003 Pump House Gallery. Hartford, CT.
2002 6th International Ceramic Competition. Mino-Japan.
2002 Conference and Exhibit at Southern Connecticut State University. Celebratión ‘Woman’s Month” . Hamden, CT.
2002 Small Space Gallery – New Haven, CT.
2002 Art Exhibit at Sources Center at PFIZER New London, CT.
2002 The York Square Gallery – New Haven, CT.
2001 Art Exhibit ¨September 11¨ at the West Haven City Hall, October 10-25.
2000 Cultural Center of Cali, Valle, Colombia. 1rst National Ciivism Congress
1999 Permanent Exhibit at Private Gallery in Cali. Colombia
1998 5th International Ceramic Competition. Mino Japón.
1994 Art Exhibit Before THE UNITED NATIONS, New York. Celebratión 50th Aniversario de las Naciones Unidas- 50 Embajadores. International Presentatión of “El Primimodernismo”.

1992 Carlos Williams of Rutherford Civic Center, New Jersey - USA
1992 Bergen Museum of Art and Science, New Jersey - USA.
1992 Government Building of Trenton, New Jersey, USA.
1992 State of New York, Government Building, New York, NY.
1992 Passaic Community College, New Jersey – USA.
1992 The International Immigrants Foundation, New York, NY
1992 3rd International Ceramic Competition Mino Japan.
1992 ARTSPACE Gallery, New Haven,CT.
1992 Art Exhibit at the Colombianos en Acción Civic Center, New Jersey,USA.
1992 Quincentennial ¨ Museum of Newark, Newark, NJ.
1992 Museum of Patterson, Patterson, NJ.
1992 La Terraza, Art Exhibit, Unión City, New Jersey.
1992 Consulate of Colombia. New York, NY.
1992 Barclay’s Brokerage, New York, NY. Exhibit and Auction.
1991 Asociation of Hijos & Amigos of Colombia. New York.
1991 Columbian Civic Center. New York, NY.
1989 Social Gallery, San Diego, California, USA
1991 Municipal Theater: Santiago Londoño & Londoño. Pereira - Colombia.
1992 The Seven Arts Gallery - Bogotá Colombia.
1993 Private Permanent Exhibit Cali - Colombia.
1992 Art Exhibit at Rialto Club Hall. Pereira - Colombia.
1990 Private Art Exhibit. Cali - Colombia.
1987 Colombo American 87. Art Gallery. Cali - Colombia
1988 Club Of Executives Art Gallery. Cali - Colombia
1986 Ricardo Nieto. Cultural Center. Cali - Colombia.
1985 Colombo American Center - Cali Colombia.
1984 Ricardo Nieto Cultural Center, Cali Colombia.
1983 Luis Angel Arango Library - Bogotá Colombia
1983 The Navas Gallery, Cali - Colombia
1982 Colombo American Art. Cali - Colombia
1981 Cultural Center. Cali - Colombia
1981 Ricardo Nieto, Cultural Center. Palmira - Colombia
1981 Cultural Center "COM-INDUSTRIA". Palmira - Colombia
1981 Gallery Gaceta. Bogotá - Colombia

1980 Calarcá Cultural Center. Quindio Colombia
1980 Colombo American Art. Cali Colombia
1975 Sena Gallery Cali - Colombia
1969 National Art Gallery. Cali - Colombia
1968 National Art Gallery, Cali Colombia
1960 – 1970 Period of Naive Art / National Group Exhibits Cultural Center's Valle, Caldas, Col.


2001 to Present Writing book: El Primimodernismo, by Norey Agudelo “Noriam”
2010 Memories of El Primimodernismo. Resorces for Book.
2008 Conference of El Primimodernismo. Rich Forum, Stamford Center for the Arts.
Stamford, CT. USA.
2008 Conference of El Primimodernismo. Donación de la obra tamaño mural: ¨La Paz y su Trascendencia¨. International Immigrants Fundation. New York.

2005 Conferencie” Realities and Irrealities of El Quixote“, at Southern Connecticut State University -April 23 –
Celebratión of 400 Años de El Quixote..

2005 ¨Natural Equilibrium¨ Ceramic Competition / Mino-Japón.
2003 Conference about Principles of El Primimodernismo at Saint Rita Hogh School, 1601 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT.
2000 Written proposal on ¨Appropriation of the Public Space. Natioanl Art Awards – Ministry of Culture of Colombia.
2000 Conference: ¨Art as a Civic Experience” 1rst National Ciivism Congress Cali, Col.
2000 Chairman Juror to Lions’s Club International Art Competition. Cultural Center of Cali
1998 Written proposal: ¨Children without face¨ Competition Art Awards. UNIVALLE.
1997 Written statement content El Primimodernismo, included at the 50th Anniversary of IPC¨,. Páges 70, 71.
1995 Written statement for : ¨”Past, Present and Future of the IPC” Popular Institute of Culture.Bank of La Republica, Cali, Valle, Colombia.

1990 Gudances for the Art Competition. Juror Member at IPC. Cali, Valle.
1975-1980 Research Period to créate the new tendency into the contemporary art: El Primimodernismo.


2010 Candidate for the Ministry of Culture Of Colombia Awards.
2010 Picture That, LLC recognition letter. Stamford,CT
2010 Azoth Gallery Recognition Letter. New Haven, CT.
2010 New Haven Register News Paper Recognition Letter.
Mark Zaretsky, Reporter.
2010 Southern Connecticut State University Reconnaissance Letter
Dr. Carlos Arboleda, Director of Languages.
2010 Connecticut Hispanic Voice Recognition Letter.
2005 Candidate for the Prince of Asturias Awards – Category of Arts – Spain. March 15.
Presented by The International Immigrants Foundation – United Nations – New York, NY.
2005 Letter of Recognition Secretary of Culture of Cali.
2005 Yale School of Medicine Recognition Letter – Neighborhood Art Program – Director Ms. Dorothy Beaman.
New Haven, CT.

2005 Azoth Gallery Recognition Letter.
2005 International Immigramts Foundation Reconnaissance Letter. Ny.
2004 Recognition letter Centro Civico Colombiano. New York.
2003 Letter of Recognition of the Colombian Civic Center
2002 Global Research & Development Recognition Letter. Pfizer.New London, CT. Used. Celebration Event Hispanic Month. October.

2001 Small Space Gallery Recognition Letter
1994 Award for Artistic Distinction. 3rd Exhibition of Hispanic-American Painters. Nov 15. Signed by Dr. Roberto Ballestas. New York.

1994 Letter of Special Recognition for participation in the 3rd Exhibition of Hispanic Visual Artists. Association of Children and Friends of Colombia. New York.

1992 "APLAUSOS" Award by Fundación Aplausos, New Jersey. New York. Relevance of Primimodernism. Statuette.
1992 Recognition of Colcultura for the creation of The Primimodernism. Signed by Dr.Ramiro Osorio Fonseca.
1992 Letter of Recognition to Primimodernism from the Consul General of Colombia, Dr. Fernando Panesso. NY. New York.
1992 Letter of support from the Ex-First Lady of Colombia, Ms. Ana milena Muñoz de Gaviria. Mediating support for Primimodernism.

1991 'Award for Excellence' of the Association of Sons and Friends of Colombia. NY.

2012 Istanbul News in newspapers and Promotional Video on YOUTUBE.

2017 Interview at LA VOZ Magazine of Connecticut
2012 Gazette El Pais March 4
2012 Western Periodic April 21
2010 Gazette El Pais - Oct 3
2010 Western Periodic – Oct. 3
2009 ACCION Magazine of the Cali Chamber of Commerce. July.
Page 52. "A Vallecaucana Inspires Art for the World"

2008 Included in the book "100 Contemporary International Artists"
Library of the European Communities Visual Artists. Page 68.

2008 La Voz Hispana of Connecticut. March 13-20.Page 4.
"Recognized Colombian painter, appears in the book "100 International
Contemporary Artists" Interview.

2008 El Sol, Magazine. Stamford, CT. Oct.31 a 6 by Nov. Page 15.

2007 La voz Hispana of Connecticut. August 16-25.
¨Art Exhibit of Norey Agudelo¨ Page 25.

2007 The Hartford Advocate. Agosto 2. Page 44.¨Don´t Know Much About ( Art ) History.
The “Primimodernismo” an aesthetic art and contemporary.

2006 Book “The Impact of Don Quixote (1605-2005) on the Culture of the Modern and
Postmodern World “ Edited por Southern Connecticut
State University, Front page – Noriam’s Painting of El Quixote
400 years. Lecture on Primimodernism, "Reality and Unrealities of Quixote", included
in the book, Pages 226-232..

2006 The Stamford Times. / Connecticut. October 01. Section ¨B¨
¨Art celebrates Hispanic History at Rich Forum¨

2006 La Voz Hispana of Connecticut. Octubre 12-19. Page 11.
¨Art Exhibits of M. Norey Agudelo enlighten Art Exhibits of Connecticut¨.

2006 El Sol. Magazine. Connecticut. 19-25 de Octubre. Page 48
Ärt and Color Hispano at The Rich Forum¨ Stamford, CT.

2006 The Advocate & Greenwich Time. October 08. Page D3.
“ Celebrating Hispanic Art” Rich Forum welcomes artists from
around the world.
2005 Identidad Latina Magazine. Agosto 1-15. Pagina 5.
“ Norey Agudelo and her love for arts”

2005 ARTSPACE´S 8th ANNUAL CITY – WIDE - Magazine
Open Studios – Oct 10 – 30 Page 6 Colum 1.

2005 La Voz Hispana of Connecticut Julio 21-28.
¨Las Pinceladas de una Colombiana¨ Front Page and Page 7
¨Columbian Artist nominated to Prínce of Asturias Awards¨.

2005 Interview by Claudia Liliana Bedoya of El Pais. New Paper. August 01 2005.
2002 “Los Andes” Magazine, New Haven, Nov 1. Pages 7-9 USA
¨Creator of El Primimodernismo at the Contemporary Art exhibits her arte in

2002 Arts Council Magazine- News- New Haven, CT August 9 USA
“Happiness and Sadness of Humankind”, an exhibit by Norey Agudelo, will be on
display at the Small Space Gallery from August 03 through September 07.

2002 The New Haven Advocate. Newspaper. August 22. Page 37.
“Promising Stars on Audubon Street”

2001 New Haven Register. Newspaper. Nov.14. Pages D1, D2.
Artist residence. “ World Trade Center events move artist to canvas.”


2019 - Sun Afternoons ( Tardes del Sol ) Columbian TV Program - Interview to Norey Agudelo

2017 K PASA- Radio Program by Norma Rodriguez

2012 Prestigious Characters – Channel 2 – Herman Rivas April 24.
2012 Coffee in The Afternoon – Franciso- March 28.
2012 Web News TV- March 3.
2012 More Pacifico TV- Lorena Balmas- March 1.
2012 Dawning - telepacifico- Feb 24
2012 Radio Univalle- Julieta Gallego Feb 22.
2012 Carvajal Broadcaster, Cali- March 9.

2011 International Radio, New York. January.
2010 Radio Univalle, 105.3 FM Julieta Gallego Oct 01
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2010 Xiomara Martins of El Tiempo
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2009 Telepacifico – Dawning – Program – February
2009 ACCION Magazine of the Cali Chamber of Commerce. July.
Page 52. "A Vallecaucana Inspires Art for the World"

1986 TV Program: “Human Values” by Jota Mario Valencia. Bogota, Col.
1984 Interview by Virginia V. Bogota, Col.
1980 Interview at “A Tour for Valle del Cauca” by Wilson Ospina.Cali.